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Antique Ceramic, Clay & Terracotta Jars


Antique French Biot terracotta jars circa 1700's
Reclaimed Italian Olive ribbed terracotta jars
Reclaimed Italian Olive ribbed terracotta jars
Old Greek olive jars circa 1700's
Old glazed Sienna Jars from the 19th century
Reclaimed Italian Olive ribbed terracotta jars
Antique Italian courtyard olive jars

Antique Ceramic, Clay & Terracotta Jars


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Terracotta literary means cooked earth in Latin. In English we call them ceramic urns, ‘Urna’ in Italian but no matter what you call them they accompanied humans since their early cultures first used in the 8th millennium BC in the Mediterranean, near and far east corners of the old world.

"Pithoi," as they were called in early Greece is the granddaddy of the more modern 1700's and 1800's Ceramic urns that were used as a container for storage and transportation of olives, molasses, honey, water, and other foods such as saps, grape musts, dried meats like Armenian ‘Basturma’ & ‘Ormata’, spirits such as wine, ‘Ouzo’ and ‘Grappa’.

Today urns are as unique and different in styles and sizes as orchids varieties are in colors. As decorative objects of art antique terracotta urns lend grace and are centers of gravity in any room or garden.

They're also great for lining a garden path, adorning terraces and pool corners, or adding drama to a quiet corner in a meditative garden and are perfect for flanking the main entryway to one’s house.

If the weather allows it we love recommending grow in our antique terracotta jars 'Dwarf Meyer' lemon trees, English lavender or succulents.

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