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Antique Stone Firepits


A well carved Louis XV style stone fireplace a directoire style hand carved fireplace mantel
A Tudor style limestone fireplace mantel a contemporary simple hand carved stone fireplace surround
a hand carved kitchen hood stone surround A Gothic Tudor style stone fireplace surround
a french provencial stone fireplace mantels A 16th century Louis style fireplace stone mantel hand carved in France
A unique French fireplace design hand carved out of limestone in an art nouveau style A very beautiful and simple Louis XV fireplace mantel hand carved with stone and carries many curvatures and features a nice middle motif finished with a convex leg profile
A simple French coutryside fireplace mantel with a simple bolection frame An arched stone fireplace surround carved by hand
A stunning hand carved stone fireplace mantel for the great room A simple Bolection fireplace hand carved out of French limestone
This Stone fireplace has nice corbelled legs supporting a simple piece Tuscan style lintel This fireplace is of a French medieval design from the 14th century its hand carved out of limestone by our master carvers

New Carved Stone Fireplaces

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Our unique fire pits are available in both otiginal reclaimed stone or are carved by hand out of real natural European Limestone.

The tools we use in our craft are the most basic of their kind and are based on a time honored European tradition that has not changed one bit since the 16th century.

It's only after you've compare our unique carved stone fireplace mantels with the rest of what's out there on the open market, will you realize why our entire selection is world renowned and simply unrivaled in both quality and price.

From a French 'provincial' (spelled proven├žale in French) stone fire pit to a Tuscan design fire pits, we are sure to have the natural stone pit of your dreams right here in our local US or European inventories.


Phone: 212-461-0245 // 212-913-9588


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