Antique Stone Pool Fountains

Old Pool Fountains


Antique Wall Fountains

Old Wall Fountains


Antique Fireplace Mantles

Outdoor Fireplaces


Antique Entryways

Antique Entryways


Antique Foundation Slabs

Antique BBQ Stone Kitchen Slabs


Antique Terracotta Jars

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Antique Flat Wall Stone cladding

Antique Stone Wall Cladding


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New Stone Pool Fountains

New Pool Fountains


New Hand Carved Wall Stone Fountains

New Wall Fountains


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Antique Stone Wells

Antique Stone Wells


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Antique Stone Benches


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Antique Stone Sinks


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The Lost Art of Stone Reclamation


antique reclaimed dalle de bourgogne antique balustrades
Antique balustrades and corbels in an old balcony Antique stone slabs to be used for counted tops, vanity tops and bbq tops, as well as pool coping edges
antique Encaustic tiles antique stone trough
Antique limestone walls antique marble and limestone fireplace inlaied
Antique reclaimed limestone fireplace mantel getting reclaimed antique encaustic tiles getting reclaimed
Antique reclaimed limestone building blocks Antique reclaimed limestone building blocks
Antique reclaimed limestone fireplace mantel getting reclaimed an old image of Italian farmers cozying up next to an old limestone fireplace mantel
ancient reclaimed marble pavers packaged in a box ready to ship antique reclaimed basalt packaged in a box ready to ship
in the proccess of milling the ancient limestone pavers down to a thickness of 5/8" very old stone trough
Antique reclaimed stone entryway Antique European limestone entryway
A reclaimed antique fireplace mantle in the south of France antique ruined farm house in the south of Italy

Reflections on Stone Reclamation

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Worked stone, cut blocks or hand carved ornaments were never wasted in old Europe.

They were always reintegrated into the culture from a utilitarian standpoint and late for folkloric and esthetic reasons.

Today’s various salvaged stone building elements can still perform their basic structural tasks they were once originally designed for.

This re-usage adds a much needed sense of tradition and history to a modern world that seems to be quickly losing its identity in the name of standardization and progress.

We consider ourselves very lucky and even privileged for the small role our business plays in providing green building solutions that in turn helps heal the environment by re-using existing stone vs. mining and quarrying it.

We’ll always be taken back by the physical and metaphysical bliss that reclaiming and repurposing bring to all of us in our homes and our fragile ecosystem...


Phone: 212-461-0245 // 212-913-9588

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