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About Us is a dedicated stone fountain portal with a lot of pool and wall fountain ideas, installed examples and stocked items all brought to you by the people of

circular antique pool fountian

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Hexagonal Limestone Antique Fountain

We've included on this web poral a lot of never seen before & newly added images of our various fountains.

Hexagonal Limestone Antique Fountain


This dedicated site contains an expanded overview of many of our past and present stocks of antique one of a kind as well as our newly hand carved Limestone fountains.

Antique Ornate Stone Pool Fountain

For several years we've been carefully restoring and diligently undertaken the piece by piece reassembly of every antique stone water fountain we stock. This restoration is scholastic in its precision & respects the historical golden ratios and architectural scaling inherent in all old authentic hand carving stone fountain art pieces.

Hexagonal Limestone Antique Fountain

On behalf of all our staff at Ancient Surfaces we would like to invite you to browse our exclusively available old and new stone fountains elements. From our captivating ancient wall fountains that could be installed on the edge of swimming pools to our prized unique rounded garden fountain elements that could one day become the jewel of your backyard, we're confident that you'll fall in love with many of our unique fountain pieces we are showcasing.

For our main website please visit Ancient Surfaces and feel free to contact us via phone or email at:

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Reclamation Images

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Our Fountain Hand Sketches

We've currently added another 100 old stone Italian and French fountains to our current inventory through another recent acquisition of yet another two smaller family owned stone yard reclaimers and restorers (as of 2015).

Many of our other unique stone elements such as our antique slabs, stone columns and fireplaces can be retrofitted to a certain degree in order to accommodate your custom layout. To learn more please visit our main website at:

We are only showcasing a small sampler of our full inventory. For more images and updates of our local stocks, please contact us with your request and a sales representative will answer all of your questions.

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